Summertime and The City Is Happy

Hi everyone! This is Adam, Happy City’s summer student. I’m working away on a bunch of projects right now, but last weekend I got to go outside with some Happy City volunteers.

We had a grand time at Lantern Fest, despite the cold weather. We had the pleasure of meeting with the bunch of really great people, we got them, through the magic of markers to give us their interpretation of what a happy city is, and why would they would want to see in a happy city, we got the chance to hear what people had to say. Unsurprisingly, there was much griping about the weather, and people made their distaste of the weather known, though we had to tell them with frowns on our faces, that unfortunately we could not do anything about that, as much as we’d like to!

What made Lantern Fest so great was the age range in the people who visited us. We had a great opportunity to listen to a much younger group of people who live in St. John’s. It’s great because it’s a different perspective than what we often get, and hey, if we hook them early it’s likely they will be back for more. Caring for your community can be addicting you know. We hope to make it out to other events in the near future, look out for us as we aim to make your city more happy.

Happy City also had the privilege of Marching in the Pride Parade last weekend. We were one of many groups that were invited to march in the parade and we were situated between the belly dancers and the giant squid!

We were kept motivated not only by the sheer excitement of marching in such an important event but also the sights of all the amazing costumes and the soundtracks yes, soundtracks that played on either side of our walking group. It was noisy, it was positive and it was colorful, it was engaging and we can’t wait to do it again, should we be given the opportunity to do so. If you’d like us at your event let us know, we’d be happy to get involved. As always, drop us a line at anytime.

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