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2022 Janes Walks (Digital)

Here are the digital Janes Walks for 2022. These are walks from previous years and reposted with permission.

Title: Leary’s Brook
Presenter: Scott Osmond
Interactive Map:

Title: Kelly’s Brook
Presenter: Scott Osmond
Interactive Map:

Title: Elizabeth Avenue
Presenter: Elizabeth Yeoman

Title: Historic St. John’s
Presenter:  St. Bon’s Students – NL Studies/Chris Peters


Title:  Waterford Valley Scavenger Hunt
Presenters: Rilla and Margo Wilson



Title: Impact of Development on Heritage in NL
Presenter: Jerry Dick

Title: Harbour Tour
Presenter: Peter Walsh & Victoria Fitzgerald

Title: The Hidden Stroll 2020
Presenter: Grant Genova

Title: The Hidden Stroll 2021
Presenter: Grant Genova

Title: Once & Future Library
Presenter: Josh Smee

Janes Walks 2022

Jane’s Walks is a series of free, citizen-led neighbourhood tours that help people discover unseen, under-celebrated, and unique stories about their community.

We will be holding three in-person Janes Walks the weekend of May 6-8th.

Coming Soon!  The Old Movie Theatres of St. John’s
Leader: Ken O’Brien
Friday, May 6th, 7PM
Meeting point: Paramount Building, 34 Harvey Road, near the crosswalk.
Facebook Event

Solomon’s Journey – Exploring the hidden footpaths of downtown St. John’s
In memory of Grant Genova
Leader: Dave Lane
Saturday, May 7th, 1PM
Meeting point: Basilica front steps
This is a downhill trip, often steep or with steps.
Facebook Event

Empire Avenue: the Boundary between Past & Future
Leaders: Allan Goulding & Meghan Hollett
Sunday, May 8th, 2PM
Meeting point: Sheraton Hotel parking lot entrance, Empire Avenue
Facebook Event

The New Gower Street That Was 
Leaders: Lorraine Michael & Carol Cromwell Reade
Sunday, May 8th, 3:45PM
Meeting point: In front of the Majestic Theatre, Duckworth Street


Digital walks are posted here.


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