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May the fitness be with you: Don’t miss Active Streets Festival 2023

Join us for a fun celebration of moving!

Happy City is celebrating active transportation on Saturday, August 26, 2023, from 12-4 pm.
We encourage people to leave their cars at home and walk, wheel, skate, or take the bus to the Downtown Pedestrian Mall near Solomon’s Lane (Water Street 150’s block) to join our Active Streets Festival (for kids and adults) and enjoy plenty of movement-related entertainment!

You must be wondering… what is active transportation?

Active transportation is regular movement undertaken as a means of transport to get to and from places. It can be anything that gets you moving!

How Active Streets Festival 2023 can pump you up

The Festival will promote several forms of active transportation while highlighting the pros of choosing different ways to get around. See Happy City’s new map showing how accessible Metrobus stops/routes connect with the City’s snow-clearing priorities. Next, the Festival will showcase information about city trails, cycling, and other activities that don’t require a private car.
Cities are for people, not cars.

Exercise? I thought you said accessorize!

We will have a face painting station and a bike decoration station. Kids should want to ride their bikes. Whether they want to move with style or pedal to the beat of their own drum!

Setting the bar high

Our colorful tent and various tables will have a fun atmosphere for the whole family. It is all in service of promoting activities and improving the lives of everyone in the community of all ages and interests.
Come to the Active Streets Festival.
Get moving in any way you can. At any heart rate, let’s get started.

Participating Organizations include:


Pedego Electric Bikes

Downtown Comics

CFSFCEE Newfoundland and Labrador


Downtown St. John’s

Free Ride Mountain Sports 

George Street Association

Ordinary Spokes


2023 Jane’s Walks | Accessible, Sensory Walks

Mobility justice for all

Jane’s Walks are back! Enjoy these free neighbourhood tours that help people discover unseen, under-celebrated, and unique stories about their community. While most walks are held in May to celebrate Jane’s birthday, Happy City is hosting these walks in mid-summer to take advantage of the better weather.

Most walks will be held between July-August to celebrate Jane’s achievements. Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was a writer, urbanist and activist who championed the voices of everyday people in neighbourhood planning and city-building.

This year, we are talking about mobility justice. We want to see people able to move around town easily, whether they have mobility challenges, visual impairments, or have a baby in a stroller.

We will be holding two in-person Janes Walks this summer.

Sold out! Janes Walk 2023: A Sensory Walk through MUN Botanical Garden

Leader: Todd Boland, Horticulturist
THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2023, from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Meeting point: Memorial University Botanical Garden
Complete our Jane’s Walk 2023 registration form
And reserve a spot!

Video: watch Todd Boland, horticulturist, guide a Jane’s Walk

Video: watch Susan Stephen, Jane’s Walk participant, describe her sensory experience through MUN Botanical Garden

Sold out! Jane’s Walk 2023: Kenny’s Pond Accessible Walk

Leader: Anne Malone, Happy City Chair
TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2023 AT 6:30 PM – 8 PM
Meeting point: Kenny’s Pond – Tiffany Village Retirement Living Parking Lot (135 MacDonald Drive)
Complete our Jane’s Walk 2023 registration form
And reserve a spot!

Video: watch Melissa Wong, Happy City Event Coordinator, describe the Kenny’s Pond Jane’s Walk

Become a Walk Lead?

We are looking for people to share a story about Kenny’s Pond from their past, show a hidden talent in the arts, or give a tour. This year we want to hear about mobility justice in this place we call home and learn how this tour is for everyone.

Now more than ever, we need to feel connected to one another, and Jane’s Walk has given us the perfect opportunity. Together we can explore our city and share our stories through social distancing while bringing a little peace and distraction into the homes of neighbours, family and friends.

Want to lead a Jane’s Walk? Check out our Guide for Walk Leads, and email happcitysj@gmail.com to confirm your topic!

Stay tuned for more!

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