2022 Neighbourhood Summit Schedule

Date: Saturday, April 30, Alt Hotel

9:00 am: Registration opens

9:30 am: Welcome message

9:45 am: How We Move: Planning for Accessible Active Travel
Moderator: Elizabeth Yeoman
This panel discussion explores the experiences of individuals with diverse needs navigating the city without a car. This session aims to raise awareness of barriers to accessibility and discuss what a city with truly accessible active transit options would look like.

11:00 am: Break

11:15 am: On the Bus: Reflections on Public Transit
Presenter: Debbie Wiseman
Debbie Wiseman presents the results of a survey on Metrobus use to explore what factors affect the decision to use (or not use) our bus system, community needs for public transit, and who is left out by our current system.

12:00 pm: Break

1:15 pm: New Home: Housing Experiences of Newcomers and International Students
Presenter: Maryam Foroutan
Memorial University Master’s student Maryam Foroutan presents research on the difficulties faced by newcomers and international students in accessing safe, affordable, and accessible housing, and how we can address these challenges.

2:00 pm: Break

2:15 pm: Getting Things Done: Community Groups and the City
Facilitators: Elizabeth Oliver and Sal Mathews
Join us to learn how neighbours can work together and with municipal government to make meaningful change. We’ll discuss what research and experience tell us about effective advocacy, and give everyone a chance to apply these skills with practice scenarios.

3:45 pm: Closing remarks

Special thank you to Sarah Crocker, Molly Ingenmey, Matthew Milner, Ken O’Brien, Scott Osmond, Michael Philpott, Claire Roberts, and Nathan Ryan for their participation in our mapping exhibition.