Jane’s Walks

Jane’s Walk is a series of free neighbourhood walking tours that get people out on the streets to discover unseen, under celebrated and unique stories about their city. The free walking tours are held on the first weekend of May each year all around the world, and are led by locals who want to create a space for residents to talk about what matters to them in the places they live and work. Happy City is proud to organize the St. John’s Jane’s Walks each year.

Because of COVID-19, most of our Jane’s Walks for the past two years have been virtual – which means you can enjoy them any time right here! Our walks have covered a range of different themes and topics, and they take a variety of virtual forms. Check them out below!

The Built Environment and Active Transportation

Jane's Walk - Reimagining Elizabeth Ave.

Written Guide

Re-imagining Elizabeth Avenue

Elizabeth Yeoman – May 2021


Staying off the Arterials: Alternate Walking Routes through St. John’s

Josh Smee – June 6, 2021

Written Guide

Commuting by active transportation: Exploring potential routes between schools, shops, workplaces and neighbourhoods

Elizabeth Yeoman – June 6, 2021


Vacant City St. John’s: Exploring the Possibilities

Josh Smee – May 17, 2020

The Natural Environment

Interactive Map

Changing Landscapes: The Natural Heritage of Long Pond and Leary’s Brook

Scott Osmond – May 28th, 2020

Interactive Map

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Story of Kelly’s Brook, the Empire Avenue Landfill, and the Future of Urban Streams in St. John’s, NL

Scott Osmond – November 30th, 2021

Community and Cultural Life


The Once and Future Library

Josh Smee – May 2020


Strengthening Community through Neighbouring

Neria Aylward, Trevor Hickey and David Brake – May 6, 2020


Local Theatre, The Arts, and How We Work Together

Grace MacDonald – May 8, 2020

History and Heritage


The Hidden Stroll

Grant Genova – May 2021

Note that an older version of this walk can be viewed here.

Written Guide

Heritage and Development in Downtown St. John’s

Jerry Dick – May 2020

A blue house stands at 62 Prescott Street.

Blog Post

Prescott Street

Bob Hallett – May 23, 2021

Video and Q&A

St. John’s Ecclesiastical District

John Fitzgerald, Robert Pitt and Heather MacLellan – May 25, 2021


Triage of the Grace Hospital Lands: The Rebirth of a Neighbourhood

Dan Ficken – June 5, 2021


The King George V Institute: An American Building in St. John’s and Ground Zero for Emergency Services, 1912-18

Heidi Coombs – May 20, 2020

Video (with Map)

The Southside Loop, the Rainbow Loop, the Southside Scavenger Mission

Rilla and Margo Wilson – May 2020


Historic St. John’s told through the viewfinder of a student

St. Bonaventure’s College Newfoundland Studies 2205 Class – May 2021

The Ocean

Written Guide

Harbour Tour

Peter Walsh and Victoria FitzGerald – May 2020

Outside St. John’s


Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove

Todd Tremblett – May 26, 2020