Tom Davis on Tax

Happy City: The Council recently raised its mil rate, which has spurred some public opposition. However, this increase will not be enough to cover the increased costs the City faces from inflation, and major infrastructure expenditures that we know are required in the near future. In addition, many residents want the City to provide more and better services. 

The City has to balance its budget, and there is clearly a tradeoff between the priorities of maintaining affordable tax rates and maintaining and improving public services. What values will guide how you balance taxation and spending? If you would not raise taxes, what existing services would you be willing to reduce or eliminate to support your priorities?

Tom Davis:
Balancing taxation and spending presents a significant challenge. My guiding principles are fiscal prudence, transparency, sustainability, and community well-being. Any taxation or spending decisions will aim to minimize the impact on the most vulnerable while reducing spending and maintaining core services. Before considering tax increases, I would call for a thorough review of current expenditures to identify areas for efficiency and potential savings, ensuring transparent and collective decision-making through community engagement.

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