Tom Davis on Housing

Happy City: In October 2023 (in part, to access federal government funding) the City of St. John’s committed to consider a number of changes to development regulations to allow more housing and more units in existing housing across the city, including in Ward 4. In many cases construction or renovation to add rental units that used to require Council’s approval would be able to go ahead without its review.

Council intends to decide on this issue by June 2024, so you will be asked to vote on it should you be elected. No matter the outcome, some Ward 4 residents will be negatively affected and are likely to call you to complain. How will you respond? All of these people are residents of Ward 4, and as Councillor you are committing to uphold their best interests. 

Media coverage of the announcement:

Full staff report:

Tom Davis:
I am committed to championing the Task Force for Housing & Climate’s new report, The Blueprint for More and Better Housing. Proposed regulatory changes offer a chance to alleviate our housing crisis. Communicating the benefits of increased housing availability and affordability is essential. If elected, I will listen to all concerns and provide clear, evidence-based information on how these changes will benefit our community. We must advocate increased densification, fast-track multi-unit buildings, embrace modular homes, tiny homes, and units, and streamline renovation permits and inspections for apartments and backyard suites. Updating building codes to enhance efficiency and climate resilience is vital in creating a sustainable and affordable city.

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