Guess Who’s Back… on Facebook

You might be surprised to find yourself being invited to like our page on Facebook since we have had one for years. Sadly, our old page was hacked and appears to have been permanently taken offline by Facebook, so we’re rebuilding from scratch. Please
visit the new one at and tell civic-minded friends to do likewise. Please note that only our Facebook presence was affected, so to the best of our knowledge, nobody’s personal information was put at risk. If in doubt, of course, feel free to contact us to confirm.
For the moment, we anticipate using that page largely to spread the word about our upcoming events and get them seen among other Facebook events. Since Facebook makes its money from getting organizations like ours to pay to make sure we reach you, we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter instead (using the form to the right on this page!) as the best source of regular updates (and encourage others to do so). We only send emails when we have new and important things to say, and we don’t rent our list to others.

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