2019 Candidates | Board of Directors

At our 2019 General Meeting, the Happy City community will elect three new Directors for the Board of Directors. We’re excited to introduce you to the candidates!

If you are a member of Happy City St. John’s, you are welcome to vote for our new Directors at our General Meeting Who’s a member, you ask? To keep things as accessible as possible, anyone who is on our mailing list is considered a member and has the right to vote at our AGM! You can sign up for our mailing list through our Mailchimp sign up here on our website.

Bios for each of the candidates are below. Please review and consider who you will elect if attending our special General Meeting this Wednesday, May 22nd at the Courtyard Marriot Port Room. Thanks again to everyone who put your names forward!

Candidate Bios


Tolulope is a Commonwealth Scholar, an Urban Planner, a Christian, a wife and mother. In addition to being a mother, she believes one of her proudest accomplishments is positively impacting the lives of her students while she was a University lecturer. Her current role as a Planner with the Province affords her the opportunity to help in making land use planning and development control decisions in accordance with the Province’s planning legislation, policies and regulations. She believes she is a great fit for the role because she is a natural leader who takes pride in positively impacting the lives of people. Moreover, being a Happy City board member will provide her the platform to connect with the public and engage in programmes that will help make our community a better place.


David is a 53-year-old educator, journalist and activist involved in several local causes. He runs the Essential Transit Association which campaigns for better public transit on the NE Avalon peninsula. Before moving to St John’s in 2016 he lived in England and in Ontario, giving him some different points of view on St Johns’ problems. His training as an academic has given me a passion for education, outreach and seeking evidence-based solutions, which is a lot of what HCSJ is all about!


Victoria is a determined, passionate individual who cares about St. John’s and how it is perceived by its citizens and visitors. She wishes to offer her talents in the fine arts, digital arts and design to hopefully bring something unique to the board to help propel its message into the community. As a Landscape Architectural Intern, her goal is to create beautiful spaces that evoke feelings of peace and happiness. Nothing would please her more than to assist the board in promoting St. John’s as the “Happy City” she believes it to be.

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