New Look and Website!

Happy City St. John’s is entering our ninth year as an organization, and a lot has happened so far. We have grown our community of Happy Citizens, developed partnerships throughout St. John’s and the province, and we have facilitated discussions and hosted events that we are all proud of.

Earlier this year, our Board began a discussion around how we could strengthen our visual identity in connection with the City of St. John’s. We had a beautiful logo and strong community recognition built over the last few years, and wanted to take a further step to make Happy City recognizably related to St. John’s at a quick glance. So, we put out a call for designers to request a tweak to our logo and visual identity. Ultimately, we wanted to create a visual identity that maintained the Happy City feel while allowing the entire St. John’s community to feel a sense of ownership and pride when they see it.

When DC Design House approached us with interest in working with Happy City, we knew we had found the right partnership for this project. Initial discussions revolved around how we could keep the recognizable Happy City look and feel while adding a certain St. John’s flavour. Should we have jellybean row colours and houses? Can we include the Bowring Park Caribou Statue or the Pippy Park Clubhouse?

After much discussion, and hard work by the team at DC Design House, we landed on the logos below. Maintaining the iconic Happy City speech balloon, while adding a skyline that could only be that of our City of St. John’s.




We are very excited to release our new logos, and we hope that you are love them just as much as we do!

In addition to our new logos, you’ll see that we have launched our new website! After eight years, we felt as though it was time to refresh our web presence a bit, so here we are. You’ll find all the great stuff that’s always been on and more! Have a look around and let us know what you think!

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