Smart Cities Challenge: Mobility Survey Report

In April 2018, Happy City St. John’s and the City of St. John’s announced a partnership to prepare a proposal for the Smart Cities Canada Challenge, a national competition organized by Infrastructure Canada. A smart city is a community that uses information and communication technologies to improve quality of government, efficiency of urban services and operations, and the wellbeing of residents. The focus of the St. John’s application was using technology to improve policy and design related to the intersection of mobility and public health in the capital region.

During this process, Happy City facilitated in-person and online dialogue including the development and distribution of a Smart Cities Mobility Survey. The survey was distributed online to residents of St. John’s and its surrounding area, and received 977 responses. Residents of St. John’s voiced their opinions on how they navigate the city, whether their mobility needs are being met, and whether they would like to see smart technologies integrated into St. John’s mobility strategy.

The results of our online survey can be viewed at Smart_Cities_Mobility_Survey_Report

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