Happy City Maps

Happy City’s Built Environment Committee has launched a community mapping initiative. Our first project is a map of the city’s public spaces, defined broadly as any place, indoor or outdoor, you can sit, study, work, hang out, or generally loiter for $5 or less. Yes – that includes your neighbourhood coffee shop!

To view our living map visit: https://goo.gl/5ghfJG

To contribute to our map submit your favourite public spaces here: https://goo.gl/wxXSWe (submit as many times as you need to!)

You can think of this project as a spatial survey. Submitted spaces will be added to the Google Map above and may be incorporated into bigger, better mapping projects in the future. It is (probably) not a complete resource and will not be continually updated after the survey period. Thanks for your participation!

To get involved with the Committee and help plan future mapping project contact info@happycity.ca.

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