My Healthy Avalon: Let’s talk!

Throughout September, the Healthy Cities Working Group with Happy City St. John’s are encouraging the Northeast Avalon to bring people together over a meal to talk about ideas for improving the health of our communities. It could be a quick lunch or picnic with a friend, a potluck dinner with everyone you know, coffee break with co-workers or an excuse to bring the family around the dinner table.

The #myhealthyavalon event is about getting together however we can to chat about our communities, and toast to solutions for a healthier future. It’s about tabling our ideas for building a healthier Northeast Avalon that includes everyone.

This new initiative from the Healthy Cities Working Group is listening to the voices of citizens and considering their ideas for a healthier tomorrow. The idea is simple, get together with the crew, the family, or even some colleagues from work and bring health to the table. Literally.

Check out the questions provided by the Healthy Cities group below:

  • What is preventing you from living a healthier life? What changes in your community can help you be more active, eat good food, and connect with your community?
  • What affects your choice of food? What would help you to eat healthier?
  • Have you heard a health message on TV/Radio or on the internet that really worked for you? What was it and why did it work?
  • What would make your community a happier place to live and visit?
  • On September 27, you will have a new council, how could they help you and your community become healthier?

Questions are also available to share with your networks from our Facebook page at Strike up a conversation about health in your community with friends, family and coworkers over a meal. Share your answers with us here –

Proposed solutions will be used to create a report to be presented at a public forum in October 2017. This is a great opportunity to transform daily conversations into solutions for municipalities to consider.

Healthy Cities believes that citizens have the power to put health high on the social, economic, and political agenda of municipal governments. My Healthy Avalon is an opportunity to do this by sharing your ideas on social media by using #myhealthyavalon.

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