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Do you like what Happy City is up to? Want to join a community of people working to make the city a better place? Sign up to volunteer! Read down the page for a list of open volunteer positions, then drop us a line at admin@happycity.caand we'll set up a time to meet with you!

Volunteer Positions:

Discussion & Table Facilitation
We host regular in-person discussions with the community, and we try hard to get away from the model of "authority figure at the front of the room." One of our favourite things to do is to break into smaller groups, then report back. To do this, we need people who are up for a bit of facilitating - keeping the conversation on track, taking a couple notes, and (sometimes) reporting back to the bigger group.
Typing up and summarizing notes from events
After we've finished a big discussion, we often have a huge pile of input to sort through - and many hands make light work! We'd love to have a few more volunteers on deck to take written notes and flip charts and type them up so that we can use the info. If you're really feeling ambitious, you're welcome to help write little summary reports, too!

Web development: setting up pages and functions on the Happy City website
Are you technically minded and comfortable with HTML? We'd love to have someone who can help tweak the Happy City website from time to time to add functionality as what we're up to evolves.

Web maintenance: basic posting/tidying of website content
For the less coding-happy, this role involves getting things posted onto our site when other volunteers produce the content, and making sure everything we're doing is reflected on the website and easy to find. No coding skills necessary!

Mapping: taking input about specific places and layering it onto our Google Map
We get a ton of input related to specific physical locations - the best way to share a map is on a map! We've already got a couple maps going - at happycity.ca/iwishthiswas and happycity.ca/snowbusiness and will have plenty more input for others. Posting content on maps is super-simple - all you need is a couple minutes and a Google account!

Fund development: looking around for grants and drafting ideas for proposals
We're often so busy trying to make the day-to-day things happen that we don't go looking for funding! If you'd like to do a bit of research into funding opportunities and maybe help write a few applications, this is the job for you. Help us grow Happy City!

Staffing event tables/assisting at events on weekends/evenings
An important part of Happy City's work is public outreach - if you're an outgoing person who loves to talk about the future of the city with passers-by, we'd love to have you as part of our table team! A good number of these opportunities are on weekends, so if that fits your schedule, sign up for this.

Staffing event tables/assisting at events during the workday
From time to time, we have events that happen during work hours - and it can be tricky to recruit volunteers! If you're a student or you work flexible hours, it'd be a big help to have you on our workday events team

Writing blog posts for the Happy City website
If you've found your way to us, we know you care about St. John's and urban development. How about writing about it? We'd love to have more locally-specific content to post and share on our blog - there's already a list of suggested topics, and each board meeting generates more. Pick from the list or suggest your own and run with it! We'll post it and promote it.

Adopt-a-Committee: Finance and Administration: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 12-1:30 PM
Most of the work of Council actually happens at the committee level - that's where recommendations are made for council to vote on and issues can be discussed in more depth. We're looking for 1 volunteer per committtee who can commit to attending their meetings and writing up (not live-tweeting) summaries of the key issues raised. Finance and Administration is still looking for someone to adopt them - they're the committee responsible for the city's budget and expenditures, so this is an important one to watch!

Adopt-a-Committee: Community Services and Housing (Taken)
We've already got someone to adopt this committee - as its name suggests, it deals with many of the city's community outreach functions as well as its substantial role in providing housing.

Adopt-a-Committee: Public Works: 3rd Thursday of each month, 12-1:30, at the Depot on Blackler Avenue
Unlike the other committees, which meet at City Hall in Conference Room A, this one meets over at the depot. Want to get behind the scenes on the nitty-gritty of roads, snow clearing, and the like? This is the place for you!

Adopt-a-Committee: Planning (Taken)
For many Happy Citizens, the Planning committee is the big one - it's where new development applications are reviewed, so it is a window on the direction the city is taking. We've got someone on deck to adopt this one right now and are looking forward to the results!

Adopt-a-Committee: Economic Development, Tourism and Public Engagement
This is another committee that takes on some things that are close to our hearts. They don't have as regular a meeting schedule, but they do have an important role overseeing the city's public engagement work.

Adopt-a-Committee: Audit and Accountability
This committee oversees audits of the city's departments - an interesting way to get a glimpse of how the city manages its own work. They don't have a regular schedule posted either, but they have been meeting on the first Tuesday of every 2nd month, according to the city calendar.

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