Wheelchair Accessibility

The following is a transcript of notes taken from a discussion group
at the October 30th "Your City, Your Ideas" dialogue session.

Convenor: Gemma Hickey
Number of Participants: 2

  • Need to define why tourists come here
  • New facilities are not accessible
  • Renovated old facilities are not accessible
  • People are not able to get in to some churches or banks (Who would feel good about going to the back or side door ? No one!)
  • Transportation is not accessible
  • People often park in wheelchair spots and use wheelchair bathroom stalls
  • There should not be a 'special' area for people in wheelchairs (isolating). Everyone should work to have those dimensions in new and old buildings.

What will we do now? What needs to happen next?

  • Public forum on accessibility
  • Community to work with developers
  • Education on accessibility issues
  • More media attention on this issue
  • Engaging the public

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