Transportation Within & Into the City

The following is a transcript of notes taken from a discussion group
at the October 30th "Your City, Your Ideas" dialogue session.

Convenor: Jessica Butler
Number of Participants: 8 

  • New developments and the entire City Plan need to consider transportation
  • Some considerations include:
    • Dense population vs. Urban Sprawl
    • Financial viability with regard to usage
      • i.e., Free to senior citizens?
  • Need efficient, convenient, precise times
  • Shorter routes
  • Options to consider: Carpooling, Shuttle vans
  • Effective / successful regional transportation needs provincial support
    • Regional buses ("local bus") take passengers to transit point(s) - "Park and Ride"
    • The City and outlying areas have to get on board (along with province) for this to work
    • Tie public transit to poverty reduction: people need to get to work and back; give poverty-line citizens a means to get around
  • "Transfers" mean standing in the snow: need frequent routes and shelters
  • It is far too easy, cheap, and convenient to take your car rather than use the slow, convoluted, infrequent bus routes with limited shelters
  • Walkability is also important
    • Awnings over public buildings can help encourage walking and keep sidewalks clear of snow
    • City could enforce sidewalk shoveling in both commercial and residential areas
  • There is still something of a stigma attached to using public transit in St. John's; it's still viewed as something that only people with no other option use.
    • Work to change the perception, and make it acceptable and appealing for any person in society to ride the bus
    • Many of the participants of this group have taken public transit in other cities, and did so because it was easy, convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.

Thanks, @VOCMNEWS, for covering our mobility survey. You can read more about the survey results at……

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