Local Currency

The following is a transcript of notes taken from a discussion group  at the October 30th "Your City, Your Ideas" dialogue session.

Convenor: Lori Heath
Number of Participants: 7

  • Let's Barter Network existed in the '90s in St. John's but petered out but now there is technology that can handle it
  • Anything can be used as currency
  • In its simplest form, it's a mutual credit system, such as a 3-way babysitting
  • It may also be a non-profit structure, with a membership fee, or time-barter
  • It is important to have local businesses on board to encourage them to monetize excess capacity
  • IDEA: find an initial sponsor, perhaps the City or Board of Trade
  • IDEA: organize a conference, from which a group can be formed to get it off the ground

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