Green Space

The following is a transcript of notes taken from a discussion group
at the October 30th "Your City, Your Ideas" dialogue session.

Convenor: Patricia Dold
Number of Participants:  6

  • Need more of a proactive attitude from citizens
  • Regional Plan ("NEAR"): meetings going on now
    • Stage 2 to begin soon
      • Stage 1 was asking people what they want
    • There's been lots of emphasis on Green Space so far
  • IDEA: Are there some road that could be narrowed to be become boulevards with trees?
    • Snow removal would have to addressed with this
  • IDEA: pick up garbage in high-density areas less frequently and use neighbourhood dumpsters. This would reduce garbage truck traffic
  • Renewed focus on beautification of neighbourhoods
    • pick up litter;
    • flower boxes and planters
  • Increased education / promotion regarding tidiness
    • Educating in schools
  • City is cleaner now than before
  • IDEA: Create an inventory of green spaces in the city
    • Maps exist - official maps showing green space
  • IDEA: Green roofs should be a part of new developments
    • Idea: New Woolworths development - can it have a green space / green roof? Make it so!
    • Designate more green space in new suburbs
    • e.g., ensure appropriate green space for children in Pleasantville
  • Encourage walking
    • Grand Concourse is an excellent example - Johnson Foundation (Headquarters is at White House on Mount Scio Road)
  • Ensure green space preservation and development are in regional and provincial plans
    • Use the green space inventory
    • Consider designing residential districts around parkland so back yards face green space

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