Green Space

The following is a transcript of notes taken from a discussion group
at the October 30th "Your City, Your Ideas" dialogue session.

Convenor: Patricia Dold
Number of Participants:  6

  • Need more of a proactive attitude from citizens
  • Regional Plan ("NEAR"): meetings going on now
    • Stage 2 to begin soon
      • Stage 1 was asking people what they want
    • There's been lots of emphasis on Green Space so far
  • IDEA: Are there some road that could be narrowed to be become boulevards with trees?
    • Snow removal would have to addressed with this
  • IDEA: pick up garbage in high-density areas less frequently and use neighbourhood dumpsters. This would reduce garbage truck traffic
  • Renewed focus on beautification of neighbourhoods
    • pick up litter;
    • flower boxes and planters
  • Increased education / promotion regarding tidiness
    • Educating in schools
  • City is cleaner now than before
  • IDEA: Create an inventory of green spaces in the city
    • Maps exist - official maps showing green space
  • IDEA: Green roofs should be a part of new developments
    • Idea: New Woolworths development - can it have a green space / green roof? Make it so!
    • Designate more green space in new suburbs
    • e.g., ensure appropriate green space for children in Pleasantville
  • Encourage walking
    • Grand Concourse is an excellent example - Johnson Foundation (Headquarters is at White House on Mount Scio Road)
  • Ensure green space preservation and development are in regional and provincial plans
    • Use the green space inventory
    • Consider designing residential districts around parkland so back yards face green space

On February 28, during Committee of the Whole, Council will review the City’s annual capital budget plan for 2018.……

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