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Are you working with a community group that facilitates discussions and struggles with what materials to buy or borrow?

Have you wished you had a projector and screen available to use for an evening here or there?

Is a flipchart "nice to have" but not "need to have" for your organization?

For a little while now, the idea of a facilitation library - where community members can borrow resources for facilitation of events - has been floating around the table at Happy City St. John's.

We know from our own experiences, as well as those of other non-profits and community groups in St. John's, it can be sometimes be difficult (and costly) to gather the appropriate materials to facilitate a discussion or a consultation session.  This is especially true for volunteer-led and donation-/grant-driven organizations. However, these challenges don't reduce the importance of - nor should they overshadow - the conversations that occur at these sessions.

Here's where the St. John's Tool Library comes into play.Having opened earlier this year, the Tool Library has a long-term goal of expanding into a "library of things", and we have the opportunity to work with them to open a facilitation library.

So, we want to hear from you! Do you work with a group that could benefit from borrowing facilitation equipment? What resources would you like to see? Do you have any equipment you would be willing to donate to such a library?

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Renee Boileau said...
Brilliant! I have coloured dry erase markers I can donate. I'd be happy to help have a workshop on the topic too.
December 19, 2017 10:46


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