Happy City is hiring!

Happy City is looking for a few good students to help us with some exciting work this summer. Some of these positions will be funded through the Student Work and Service Program (SWASP), which we need to apply to with a student - so we're taking applications now. Are you headed back to school next fall and looking for a pretty great summer gig making St. John's a better place? Get at us!

These positions will only be open to students under 30 and returning to school in September or January who are permanent residents of Canada. Thanks!

Note that the online Job Bank does not allow customized titles or job descriptions - if you were linked here from the job bank, the alternative titles we used there are in brackets. Thanks!

Positions Available:

Events Coordinator:

The Events Coordinator will be responsible for Happy City's summer outreach events. Tasks/Responsibilities: Setup and takedown of booths and pavilions, volunteer coordination, bookings and logistics, promotion through social and traditional media, representation of Happy City and partners to the community. The Coordinator will be responsible for Happy City's participation in the Wandering Pavilion project, a new project that will see a temporary structure set up in neighbourhoods around the city and used to meet community needs. 

Civic Engagement Facilitator (Job Bank title: Community Organizer)

The Civic Engagement Facilitator will be responsible for developing and carrying out a "Candidate School" focused on broadening participation in municipal politics. Delivering Happy City's "Civic Engagement/Regional Plan Boot Camp" to community groups, town councils, and others. 

Analyst and Results Developer (Job Bank title: Data processor)

The Analyst and Results Developer will work to analyze the results of an on-line survey of attitudes towards density which was recently conducted by Happy City. They will refine and further develop graphical, cartographical and text presentations of the data and its analysis and develop other required presentation materials regarding the organization.

Application Details

As student summer grant positions, all of these will be at minimum wage - but you do get to work with a pretty great team of volunteers doing some pretty fun projects! Interested in applying? Send a cover letter and resume to admin@happycity.ca by  May 4th. 





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