Annual General Meeting - Thursday, September 18th!


Happy City St. John's will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 18th at 6 PM at Key Assets (120 LeMarchant Road). We'd love to see you there!

This meeting is a chance for you to elect a board of directors to guide Happy City through what promises to be a very exciting year, and to give us some  feedback on how we've been doing (and what we should be doing).

Every member of Happy City gets a vote, and can run for the board. Who's a member, you ask? Well, you are! To keep our membership list as open as we can, anyone on this mailing list is considered a member - so if you have friends who are interested, encourage them to sign up. 

For an organization like Happy City, the energy and connections of an engaged board is super-important. So if you're interested in guiding what we do, throw your hat in the race! 

Board terms are normally 2 years long, but at this meeting we'll be electing a few members to one-year terms as well, so that we have a staggered set of term endings for future boards. We'll be meeting (roughly) monthly, and we hope you can sit on a committee or two as well. 

Sound like fun? Drop us a line at Nominations will be open right up to (and during) the meeting, but if you know in advance that you'll be running, send us along a short (max 200 words) candidate statement. We'll send them along before the meeting for your fellow Happy Citizens to read. 

Thanks, in advance, from the Happy City Board!

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