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A Revue to Review
At 8pm on Thursday, October 9th, at Eastern Edge Gallery, Happy City and Words in Edgewise will bring politics to life with the help of talented improv artists from St. John's. Come and be engaged with skits, games, and entertaining activities focused around envisioning St. John's! Admission is free, and there will be snacks!


Envision St. John's
In July 2014, the City of St. John's released their new municipal plan, to be put in place next year after gleaning public input from engagement sessions. There are quite a few changes from the 2003 plan, and Happy City wants to know your thoughts on a few key issues:

  • Environment: The City of St. John's highlighted its new emphasis on the environment by marking out their intentions within the first substantive chapter of the plan. A key issue has been the protection of watershed areas, including tight restrictions around development in these areas. There is also an emphasis on the City's urban forest and treeplanting initiatives. The City also wants to hear from the public on how best to deal with brownfield areas. Most importantly, the City wants to develop an Open Space System Plan to better use our city spaces.
  • Neighbourhoods: The City want to develop healthy neighbourhoodsplaces that have mixed-use development, a range of housing options, community public spaces, and employment opportunities. They want to limit urban sprawl by increasing density along transit corridors and protect heritage neighbourhoods. Here, the Secondary Plans will be most informative of neighbourhood changes to come. 
  • Accessibility: The City does not have a specific focus on accessibility, rather it is peppered throughout the plan. Complete Streets are a new idea, with a focus on active transportation and pedestrianfriendly streets. The City will continue to implement their City Cycling Plan and want to work with institutions to develop traffic solutions.

Political Translation
Outside of the halls of governance and political science classrooms, it can be tough to find those who are really excited about politics. However, lots of folks we've talked to have great ideas about what their city should look like and are very enthusiastic about sharing their thoughts. Thus, we think it's a problem with political languagepolicy is often obscured by archaic phrasing or buried amid subclauses. At best, governance documents can be a slog to get through, at worst, they are opaque tomes that keep the non-specialist
from understanding anything. Therefore, Happy City has taken to engagement-throughtranslation, getting the policy into plain language so that everyday folks can have an
informed say into what's going on.

Artistic Engagement
Still, even with accessible language, engagement around politics can be slow-going. We need to take it one step further- making it fun. That's why Happy City is pairing up with local improv folks to get input on the new municipal plan. We know that if you're laughing, you'll want to stick around. The longer you hang out with us, the more ideas you'll share.

So tell us on the 9th - what makes your city happy?

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