Downtown West Public Forum - Thursday, June 26th!




Happy City is hosting a public forum to talk about the future of Downtown West - the area between Waldegrave and Springdale. June 26th, 6 PM, Jimmy Pratt Centre (Basement of George St. United Church)

Take a walk across Waldegrave and explore the west end of downtown and you will see construction. Even where shovels aren't in the ground or steel in the sky, there are plans being made. At this moment, there are two active construction sites - the  much-discussed new Fortis Place at George St. West and Springdale and the less -discussed new Steele hotel going in at George St. West and Prince St. There's also an approved addition to the building housing Stantec and a Hilton planned for the corner of Springdale and New Gower. A bit farther west, there is talk about development planned for the bottom of Hamilton Ave. St. John's has a pretty big opportunity on its hands - but with the focus on individual projects, we haven't had much conversation yet about the area as a whole. The question needs to be asked: what do we want this neighbourhood to look like, and how do we get there?

This is where Happy City comes in: we want to add the community voices into the mix. We are planning a public forum on the future of Downtown West at the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre (in the basement of George St. United Church) on Thursday, June 26th, from 6-9pm.

We will start the night off with presentations from local experts exploring what is known about the area and continue the evening with facilitated dialogue using maps, markers, and citizen savvy. We want to talk about what matters and then record it in a way that is accessible to the public, developers, and the City. This event gives space for real conversation between those who are invested in the downtown west and adjacent neighbourhoods of St. John's.

Tentative Agenda

 - Welcome and Introduction (Josh Smee)
6:20pm - Dave Lane speaking about development in St. John's and Downtown West
6:30pm - Ken O'Brien reviewing the current land uses and zoning for the area, the developments under construction, and the planned (and approved) developments to come. 
6:40pm - Heritage NL rep Andrea O'Brien speaking on the local history of the area.
6:50pm - Skyscraper Forum members speaking on their take on the development happening in the area, their concerns, and (in their opinion) the opportunities present. 
7:00pm - General comments and Questions 
7:15pm - Refereshment Break 
7:30pm - Group Visioning. Our goal with this forum is to discuss the development, but also the public space/built environment that the development is happening *in*. We are going to hold a group Visioning exercise to develop and refine a community 'wish list'
8:00pm - Charrette/Discussion groups
We envision having 4-5 groups. One of which will be a 'walking discussion' outdoors (weather permitting). The goal of these groups is to hash out the specific needs/wants of the community in the area, in which we can then take and refine into documentation to supply to the local developers and the City's planning department. 
8:45pm - Regroup/recap
We will highlight the findings of each group to the larger group as a whole and talk about how Happy City will use this information. 
9:00pm - Meeting ends 

We would like to invite you to participate in our forum and welcome you to join in the discussion, helping collaboratively create what downtown west should look like.


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Excellent initiative, guys! Really looking forward to this
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