Our "My Happy City Is" video project needs you!



Hello Happy Citizens!

Happy City needs your help with a fun little project. Here's the deal: we've heard some great things from people in this city when we've asked them to fill in the sentence "My Happy City is…" Now we'd like to capture some of this on film. That's where you come in. We've got a small budget (thanks to The United Way and the great folks at DC Design House) to put together a series of short videos recording the different ideas people in St. John's have about their city - and we'd like to include you. As the city rolls out its new municipal plan and asks for our feedback, we want to use these videos to spark some much-needed conversation.

The form these videos will take is going to vary - if your Happy City involves something that's already here, we'll probably head down there to film it with you. If it's something you're dreaming of, we might film you somewhere else, or grab something related and have you do a voiceover. Either way, we'd love to hear as many voices as we can.

Sound good? Drop us a line! Reply to this email (or just email admin@happycity.ca) and let us know how you'd finish the "My Happy City is…" statement, and we'll get in touch with you to sort out some filming time. We do know it's the depths of winter, and some of your ideas might do better being filmed in the warmer months - no worries. Get in touch now and we'll get everything sorted out well in advance.

Thanks for your help - and spread the word!

- The Happy City Team

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Nick White said...
I'd be interested in participating the "My Happy City Is..." project. I'm interested in pedestrian walkways and spaces. I work with the Grand Concourse Authority and I'm also an avid walker and user of the local trail network. The winter/summer have vastly different pedestrian activity. During the summer, downtown walks, rennie's river trail, and north head/cuckolds cove trails are breathtaking for both residents and visitors. During the winter, its climbing snowbanks and dodging cars. Recent hotel and condo developments lacking ground-level spaces divide the downtown core (particularly West Water Street), while huge parking developments draw more congestion. I'd love to see year-round emphasis on providing safe pedestrian spaces, long-term planning for dense, accessible developments, and reducing the reliance cars in the city.
February 10, 2014 08:42


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