Pippy Park Transportation Survey

Here's an opportunity to have your say, folks! 
The Friends of Pippy Park are an incorporated, non-profit organization founded in 1984 intended to promote Pippy Park and enrich experiences for visitors to the park.  
Throughout the years, it has become clear to the Friends of Pippy Park Transportation Committee via communication with other non-profits in the park that a lack of public transportation to the park is a barrier to program accessibility. To help fill in this picture, they've developed 3 surveys:
1. For the public 
2. For post-secondary students
3. For organizations within the park 

They plan to use the results of this survey to enhance transportation to the park in order to make the park more accessible to the citizens of St. John's. 

So, you know what to do! Head to the links below to have your say:

Individual Survey/Public Survey 

Organization Survey

Post-Secondary Institution Survey
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