City Council Roundup - September 16th and 23rd

St. John's City Council Rundown: September 16th and 23rd

Here's your Coles-notes version of council's agenda for last week and a sneak peak at this coming Monday.

From the September 16th agenda

Recommmendations from the planning committee:

  1. 1.    To switch or not to switch in Kenmount Terrace

An application to rezone some land on Ladysmith drive from Institutional to Residential was put off until the municipal plan is done (this was originally set aside for a school, but the ESD no longer needs it). The city is going to check if any other institutional uses need it, first

  1. 2.    Cell phone fuss: The committee sent a draft plan for guidelines around cell towers to council (you probably saw this in the news). Council doesn't have the power to stop them being built (it's federally regulated), but will run the proposals through a full public input and approval process and convey the results to Industry Canada.  Council voted at this meeting to reject Bell's proposed new site on McLoughlin Street
  2. 3.    De-officing on Margaret's Place: the folks planning to develop the buildings at the end of Margaret's place asked that they be allowed to use the main floor for dwelling units. Committee recommends approval.

A few other bits from the meeting: 

Movement on the Waterford:  The city will be doing a bunch of things related to the Waterford river. They'll be working on:

  • Creation of an inter-municipal body which would require the relevant officials of the three municipalities to come together on a regular basis to deliberate on the health of the Waterford River
  •  A study which would assess how the river has fared over time
  • Participation in World Rivers Day on the 29th


Coming up on Monday the 23rd


  1. 1.    A vote on expanding vacancy relief:  The city currently offers property tax relief for vacant properties, but the wording of the bylaw is such that owners of properties with tenants who are exempted from property taxation can't get relief; there's a motion on the floor to change that.
  2. 2.    Exemption for the O'Brien Farm. A motion will be up to exempt the O'Brien Farm Foundation from property tax.
  3. 3.    Finalizing office space on Oxen Pond Road: council will vote on the rezoning needed to give Don Cherry's some office space in a house on Oxen Pond Road.
  4. 4.    A bit of construction in the Battery: Planning is recommending that council approve a new deck and carport at 4 Outer Battery Road, pending Heritage approval
  5. 5.   From the Public Works/Environment Committee
    • Water mains on Wishingwell and Terra Nova: the committee is recommending about 2 km of relining water mains on these roads. It'll be about a $2.5 million job.
    • Backyard composting support might be coming: The city will be thinking about providing subsidized composters and training (through the Botanical Garden). This is going into the 2014 Budget Process
    • No change at RHB: Some requests have come in for longer hours at Robin Hood Bay. Looks like this isn't going anywhere, though.
    • Planning for sidewalks? A request for sidewalks to be installed on a stretch of Empire near Ropewalk Lane generated a useful plan: to put together a list of new sidewalks needed (the city doesn't have a policy on this, or a list, at the moment)
    • Leaf collection after all: the committee recommends that the city go ahead with a leaf collection pilot at a cost of about $64,000. This will replace the leaf drop-off spots at Quidi Vidi and Bowring Park


    1. 6.   From Heritage
      • The committee recommended approval of slightly revised designs for the Marconi development (in the old CBC building on Duckworth) - they fit pretty closely with the Art Deco theme of the building
      • Richmond Cottage fuss: the committee continued to voice their recommendation that permits to demolish historic Richmond Cottage be denied - and that comprehensive criteria be developed to ensure that heritage properties are maintained and not demolished by neglect
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