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"There is something amazing here that we have to help grow."

That's what Dave Lane said about the capacity crowd of 150 that crammed the Rocket Room with energy last Saturday, March 2 for Happy City's "I Love NL" event.

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Three speakers fed our curiosity:

Katherine Loflin, an urban planning consultant from North Carolina, shared the clear message from her extensive research on "placemaking" throughout the United States: loved cities do better in every way--from quality of life to the economic bottom line.

By focusing on how to make our communities beautiful, fun, and welcoming we will attract more young talent, more newcomers, more businesses and entrepreneurs, and be more livable for children, seniors, and everyone.

VIDEO: Miss the event? Watch Katherine's talk here!

Sheldon O'Neill of Immigration NL used clever humour to share his Department's bold objective to triple immigration in five years and the innovative plans to make this place a welcoming one for much-needed newcomers.

Neil Dawe of Virdis ended the session with a call for municipalities to do placemaking better and challenged us to create a 100-year vision for our community.


The event had the crowd buzzing afterwards, as the coffee and ideas about how to make our communities places to love flowed. Everyone acknowledged Newfoundlanders' strong sense of attachment to the places they are from, and by playing on this strength--keeping place at the centre of our municipal thinking--we can create for thriving communities for newcomers, young talent, seniors, and others.


How do we take all this potential and make this a world-class place in every way?

Katherine Loflin urged all of us to "do what makes you unique and stay the course." She also advised that it "doesn't have to cost huge bucks." If we put place at the centre of what we do and how we make decisions, we can ensure our place will be one that we all love -- and thrive in -- for years to come.


We want to hear your responses to this event:

  1. In what ways can we build on our strong sense of, and connection to, this place?
  2. What things, big and small, can we all do to make our communities more beautiful, more fun, and more open?
  3. How good are we at "Placemaking" in St. John's - and what could we do better? 

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