Happy City is Hiring (Again!)

Happy City has been awarded a  Canada Summer Jobs placement for 7 weeks this summer! The job description we are approved for is... Outreach Coordinator! So we're hiring again, and we'll have a team of two people bringing Happy City to the city this summer.  

We're aiming for a start date of  July 16th which will allow us to have someone on the go until  August 31st - there is, however, a possibility of starting earlier.

We have a stack of resumes from our last opening, but if you know anyone who'd be interested, please invite them to send a resume to  josh@happycity.ca. Applicants must be under 30 and be returning to school this fall. 

Elements of the Job:

  • Researching and organizing opportunities for Happy City to have a presence at summer events in St. John's
  • Attending public events in St. John's throughout the summer to represent Happy City
  • Distributing brochures and other materials to build awareness of Happy City's work
  • Gathering feedback and input on municipal issues from the public
  • Summarizing and reporting on public input
  • Developing partnerships with other community groups in St. John's

Since we will now have a team of two, this position will also be absorbing some work around event planning and online content writing - so if you know someone with those skill sets, send them our way!

Deadline for applications is  Friday, June 14thPlease submit a resume and covering letter to  josh@happycity.ca

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