Happy City welcomes a new and expanded board of directors

On Thursday, May 30th, more than 50 people met in the Rocket Room in downtown St. John's to elect a new board of directors for Happy City, launch our "My Happy City Is" engagement campaign, and workshop some ideas for what promises to be a busy year for Happy City.

Our new board has 8 members. They are:

Hedi Hother-Yishay -  Hedi is nursing student at MUN who has led many grassroots initiatives, including a research project assessing the health of children in urban environments and is interested in the effects that the built environment can have on our health. 

Danielle LeBlanc
 - Danielle is a student at MUN in Communication Studies and Public Administration. Heavily involved in youth engagement, Danielle recently served as the provincial coordinator for Franco-Jeunes de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador. 

Elizabeth OliverElizabeth is the vice-chair of the board of the Georgetown Neighbourhood association, one of St. John's most active neighbourhood groups. 

Kathleen Parewick -  A returning director, Kathleen is a community development worker with twenty-plus years of St. John's-based volunteering under her belt. By day, she is a researcher and project manager based at Memorial University.

Dana Parsons -  Dana's background is in sports and athletics, dance, marketing and development. She's also a volunteer. She has worked for MUN, City of St. Johns, and currently for the Bennett Group.

Robyn Rechenmacher - Robyn is an Urban and Regional Planner with Tract Consulting and recently directed "CurioCity 2013", Saskatoon's first Urban Idea Symposium. Her interests are focused on facilitating community building and public engagement events.

Robert Ring -  Robert is currently writing his Master's thesis in Political Science at Memorial University about democracy and the electoral system. He is from St. John's but has lived in and spent time in many other cities.

Josh Smee -  Another returning member, Josh Smee served as Vice-Chair and then as Interim Chair of Happy City's Board. Josh works for the Community Sector Council NL and is also the chair of the board of the St. John's Farmer's Market Co-operative.

The new board will be sitting down for its first meeting soon. In the meantime, remember that board membership is not the only way to get involved with Happy City. We welcome volunteers who want to take on specific tasks, as well as those interested in providing advice and guidance - drop us a line anytime!

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