Happy City at Piperstock Hill Festival

Sunday, June 30th I spent my morning at the Piperstock Hill Festival in Torbay. The crew at Piperstock was gracious enough to have Happy City at their "Gig on the Green." This event featured young adult artists and performers, local vendors showing off their goodies, and a juggler for entertainment. There was also face-painting and a jumping castle for children. The current Mayor and Deputy Mayor also made an appearance. The Gig's main goal was not only to bring the community together, but to raise money for the young boys' soccer team to go to a tournament in Minnesota.

At this Gig I had the opportunity to talk to the vendors and members of the community that were there to celebrate all things Torbay. I walked through the crowd, approaching locals and discussing with them what their Happy City is. These conversations focused on ideas of community and creating welcoming communities, recreational facilities, cleanliness and environmental concerns, and having good neighbors.  

I had notable conversations with Alexa Breen, a young lady from Mount Pearl; Wanda Hammond, a lovely woman born and raised in Torbay; and Sandra Wells, a local entrepreneur from Paradise. Three women, varying in age and experience, told me that their Happy City Is…


"A Clean City! & Good Neighbours" - Alexa Breen, Mount Pearl



"Community & Cooperation! Recreation & Family" - Wanda Hammond, Torbay




"A Welcoming City!" -  Sandra Wells, Paradise

I'd like to take this moment to send out a big thanks to the people at the Piperstock Hill Festival in Torbay for having Happy City at their event. I'd also like to thank these women for graciously agreeing to take part in our "My Happy City Is..." campaign. All in all, this day was a great success! I look forward to meeting many more members of the community and finding out what makesyour city a Happy City!

Written by Kristen Niles at 11:52



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