City Council Roundup – June 17th and 25th Meetings

From the June 10th Minutes


1. A BIA for Churchill Square?

After the last incarnation folded due to lack of interest, there is again a push by some Churchill square businesses to establish a Business Improvement Area (BIA). The city previously allocated a portion of business taxes from the local businesses to the BIA, and may be able to do so again. On the radar of this (potential) group:  vacant buildings (which the city is looking into) and the usual garbage/littering/loitering.


From the Planning Committee


2.  New apartments: The committee is recommending approval for a new 6-story apartment building here on Topsail Road across from the Village Mall.


3. Let's all go to the movies: Approval was given for the new Empire Theatres on Hebron Way, up in the Stavanger area.


Other things on the go:


4. All hail our robot overlords:  The city is purchasing an automated ballot tabulation system that they will use for the elections in September.


5. Laneway for sale: After concerns from the neighbourhood regarding noise and loitering, the city is offering to sell a pedestrian laneway on Anspatch Street in the West End to the owners of one of the abutting houses.


From the June 25th meeting


6. Rezoning for housing: Staff recommended to council that they approve a zoning change from commercial and open space to residential to allow for a townhouse complex to be built at Ruby Line and Southlands Boulevard.


7. More office space for Downtown West:   The owners of the Stantec offices on Water Street are looking to build a 6-story extension to the building on the side facing George St. West.  Planning recommended that the process move ahead.


8. Scotiabank building looking to grow: The owners of the Scotiabank building downtown on Water Street are looking to build a 3-story extension. Reading the plans, it sounds like It will be built over some of the concrete plaza in front of the building.  Development committee recommended approval.


9.  More talk about mobile vending: A notice of motion was filed for the next council meeting that would remove the provision allowing for the use of portable generators and remove the restriction on mobile vending in the vicinity of the St. John's Port Authority restaurants.


10. Another right-of-way for sale: The City's solicitor recommends that they sell the former right-of-way, between 101 and 103 New Cove Road, to the owners of 101. Unlike the one from last week, this one is no longer functioning as a public path.

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