June 10 Council Roundup


1. Such Great Heights

The proposed development of a hotel at 227-229-245 Kenmount Road with a building height greater than 15 meters was approved. The building height at this address has been approved to be 25 meters tall.

2. To wharf or not to wharf?

Committee recommended that Council approves the application in Quidi Vidi for the wharf extension. Acting Mayor Duff suggested that residents be consulted on the matter. She also asked for more information on the application regarding its relevance to the Quidi Vidi Development Plan. To be continued.

3. Election Sign Action

The Council discussed at length the regulations regarding how long a candidate for election can have their election signs posted. The Council determined that each candidate can post their signs for the length of 60 days, and must take them all down three days before the election.
4. No New Restaurant

The application to operate a restaurant as a Heritage Use from Waterford Manor, at Civic number 185 Waterford Bridge Road has again been denied - there was quite a bit of resistance from the neighbourhood. This location currently acts as a Bed and Breakfast as well as hosting weddings and public functions.

From the Heritage Committee
5. Richmond Cottage lives on

A developer who had applied to demolish the historic Richmond Cottage as part of a plan to build several new homes withdrew its application to do so.

6. Former Telegram Building Getting a Touch-Up

The committee met with the owners of 271-275 Duckworth Street, the former Telegram building, regarding a proposed renovation of the building. The renos won't change the building drastically - the drawings prepared look quite similar to the work done on the building now housing Raymond's on Water Street. The Committee recommended approval of the application. Take a look at the picture below:


7. Proposed Renovation of St. Michael's Convent and Belvedere Orphanage
Looks like more condos might be coming to the centre city. A developer and architect brought a proposal to renovate and extend the former Belvedere Orphanage. The developer proposes to develop seven condominiums in the former St. Michael's Convent, each with two storeys, and an additional 29 new condos in the former Belvedere orphanage and its proposed addition. This development should increase emergency access to laneways and the proposed development will also reduce density by the removal of the commercial component thereby reducing traffic by at least half. The Committee recommended approval in principle.  Take a look at the renders below:


8. Movement on the market

The city has partnered with ACOA to fund a study that will look at how a community market could function and operate, and whether the Metrobus Garage on Freshwater Road would be a suitable location. The steering committee (including representatives from the Farmer's Market) recommended awarding the contract to Goss Gilroy Inc.

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