Happy City at the Motorcycle Ride for Autism

Sunday, July 7th Happy City attended the Motorcycle Ride for Autism, held at the Autism Society of Newfoundland. It was a quite lively event; there was a live band, a bouncing castle, lots of games for kids, face painting, tons of booths and Miss Achievement Newfoundland was there as the acting princess. This event was a great way to raise community awareness around autism. The day was a hot one but the Happy City staff managed to stay cool and chat with a few community members.

Similar to our last event, we met with some people who were camera shy. However these individuals had plenty to say about what their Happy City is:

"My Happy City is safe and educated. My Happy City would be better if more people cleaned up after their dogs, if there was better public transportation in the city. I also think that Mount Pearl and Paradise should pitch in on buses going in and out of the city. The city also needs more infrastructure and job opportunities. What I love most about St. John's are the trails and different ways to get lost in nature."

- Calvin Monk, St. John's

"My Happy City is pedestrian friendly. St. John's would be better if we didn't infill downtown with high rises and condos that block views and natural light. What I love about St. John's is the downtown shopping, the restaurants, the regatta, Signal Hill and Bowring Park, etc."

- Anonymous

"My Happy City is clean, active, and healthy. St. John's would be better with more places for garbage and recycling and more initiatives for businesses to encourage activity in the community. I love how St. John's incorporates nature with industrial areas. St. John's is so beautiful and has such a rich history."

- Chelsea Payne, St. John's

"My Happy City is a city with lots to do, lots of trails, and one that promotes community involvement. St. John's needs better sidewalks, better snow removal, and better parking. I love that there's lots to do in St. John's, the city caters to a large demographic."

- Kylie Goodyear, Mount Pearl

It's evident that most people think that their Happy City is one that is clean and healthy. St. John's values and takes pride in its rich history, culture and heritage. St. John's is so amazing because of its natural beauty, and "saltwater joys." 

The My Happy City Is campaign wouldn't be complete without some fun pictures to showcase what makes a Happy City. The following pictures do just that:

Diana Fleming

"My Happy City is one of awareness and equal opportunity. St. John's would be better if there was more awareness of what is happening in the city: from homelessness to community events. We need to talk to each other more. I really love the culture in St. John's, there's lots of stuff to do, lots of volunteering and helping through social entrepreneurship."- Diana Fleming, St. John's

Morgan Kelly

"My Happy City is one with a large sense of community, and a community that helps each other out. St. John's would be better if we could get rid of the stigma that surrounds social issues, and if there was more of an understanding of community. I love the culture, heritage, and downtown of St. John's." - Morgan Kelly, St. John's

Bob Murphy

"My Happy City is a historical city full of heritage. St. John's would be better if we could fix the roads. I love visiting St. John's, I really like the old architecture. I come home to visit every 3 years." - Bob Murphy, Edmonton

Kandice Power

 "My Happy City is family oriented. St. John's would be better with more fun family events throughout the year, not just in the summer time. I love the history in St. John's, I particularly love jelly bean row!" - Kandice Power, Miss Achievement Newfoundland & Labrador

The Happy City staff had a great time at the Autism Society's event. A big thank-you to them for inviting us to share their special day. Next weekend Happy City will be at the Georgestown Neighbourhood Association's BBQ and Flea Market on Saturday, and the Tombolo Festival at the Arts and Culture Center on Sunday. Come chat with our staff and let them know what your Happy City is!


Written by Kristen Niles at 06:29



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