Happy City at the Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's Regatta

Saturday July 7th Happy City had the pleasure of attending the Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's  Regatta. While we were outside St. John's, it was nice to visit a nearby area and see how they celebrate their community.  Visitors to the event were met with different carnivalesque booths for children, bouncing castles, face painting, and several live performers on stage. The event was a joyful celebration of Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's !

Happy City set up a table at the entrance to the event:

Happy City Table

Above: Kristen, our summer student and Wendy, one of our lovely volunteers. Later on in the day children came and drew pictures of their Happy City on our board. 

Kristen and Wendy met and talked with lots of interesting people. Not everyone wanted to have their pictures taken, but the ones who did are shown below. Those who had something to say but were a little camera shy said the following:

"My Happy City is one that lives like a community. I'm not from Newfoundland, so I really understand the importance of dialogue and discussion in a community. My city would be better if we could all forgive each other. We need to take our old history and make it more known, and put it into practice today. What I love about my city is the saltwater joys, the natural spaces and landscapes."

- Karen Robinson, Vancouver

"My Happy City is clean, prosperous, and generous to everyone. My city would be better if we had better politicians. What I love about my city is the heritage."

-Majella Sharpe, Portugal Cove

The following community members wanted their pictures taken, and had some interesting comments to make about their Happy City…

Lisa & Mackenzie Wishart

"My Happy City is Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's. My city would be better with more community facilities. I love the small seaside setting in my city."

-Lisa Wishart and her daughter Mackenzie, Portugal Cove

Mikaila Rodgers

"My Happy City is a safe city. My city would be better with less crime. I love the community in my city, the way we all come together."

- Mikaila Rodgers, Portugal Cove

Ashley Webber

"My Happy City is friendly, safe, clean and involved with the community. I'm so proud of my city, nothing could make it better! What I love most about my city is the people."

- Ashley Webber, Portugal Cove

Gavin Will

"My Happy City is one that promotes healthy living, protects the environment, and promotes sustainable development. Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's would be better with walking trails, watershed protection and controlled development. I love the natural beauty and strong sense of community in Portugal Cove."

- Gavin Will, Portugal Cove

The residents of Portugal Cove - St. Phillip's very much value their community and people. Healthy living, less crime, generosity and sustainable development are at the top of their list. What's important to you in your city? What makes up your Happy City?

Come find our summer students and volunteers at events in your area. Have a chat, take a picture or video and let your voice be heard!

Written by Kristen Niles at 06:59



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