City Council Round Up –July 8th and 21st, 2013

Over the last couple meetings, here's what's happened in your city:

1) Pensive about pensions

You've probably already caught this one in the news. Councillors voted to end their current pension arrangements, instead moving to a provision of a 6% increase in salary to be allocated to an RRSP. Current councillors have the choice of sticking with their pension and taking a pay cut of 6%, or moving to the new system.

2) No daycare, no problem?

Council heard plenty of objections from neighbours of a proposed new daycare to be set up by the St. John's Native Friendship Centre on Elizabeth Avenue. As is often the case, many objections were related to traffic, as well as to the idea of allowing a business into an area zoned residential. This one got deferred to staff for future consideration.

3) No campers for Blackhead

Council rejected an application to create a quite large campground in Blackhead Village - it was rejected amidst concerns about noise, size, alcohol, and the presence of only one access road. There were a large number of submissions around the proposal - local residents tended towards opposition.

4) Veterans to be exempted from parking fees

The city is working out an arrangement to exempt veterans (at least those with veteran plates on their cars) from parking fees in St. John's.

5) Getting high at Tiffany Village

Staff recommended that zoning regulations be amended to allow the new building at Tiffany Village to be 16 stories tall (the existing limit on the site was 10 stories).

6) More homes in Shea Heights

The city voted to rezone the area of Blackhead Road just south of Beaver Pond to residential. There are already houses there, on nonconforming lots. This will allow for a few more to be built.

7) St. Luke's is growing

The city will allow some rezoning on Road DeLuxe to allow St. Luke's to expand its care home.

8) No wharf extension in Quidi Vidi

Staff recommended that council not approve the land transfers needed for a new private wharf in Quidi Vidi Village, since it would interfere with a waterfront promenade that's part of the development plan for the village.

9) Making a racket on the piers

There will be a trial run of noise deterrents for birds down at Oceanex Pier 4 and 5, for an hour after daylight and an hour before dark. Environment Canada and the Fire Department gave their OK.

10) More condos (maybe)

Kavanagh Associates have submitted an application to rezone property fronting on Francis Street,  Tralee Street, and Castlebridge Drive to permit the development of a six storey residential condominium building with 96 units. Planning Committee wants this one to go to a public meeting before the Land Use Report comes out.

11) New zoning for Glencrest?

Planning heard from a developer who urged them to develop a specific zoning regime for the new developments at Glencrest. We'll see what happens with this one. 

12) Open Space Master Plan

Council set aside $100,000 to develop a master plan for open space in the city. This will take some time, but should be quite interesting. 

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