Happy City at the Victoria Park Lantern Festival

The Happy City staff had a wonderful time at Victoria Park for the Lantern Festival this past weekend, Saturday July 27th. The event was full of life and happiness, with artists performing live on stage, as well as several booths set-up with family fun activities. Happy City set up shop along the other booths and posed the incredibly important question: What is your Happy City?

Attendees had varying responses, and our findings were as follows:

"My Happy City is St. John's! St. John's could be improved with better transportation. I love the safe feeling of St. John's."

- Bill, community member of St. John's for 71 years

"My Happy City is one of community. St. John's would be better with more community events and if it could maintain its existing architecture. I love the artistic subculture in St. John's."

- Maxwell Patton

A few lovely folks wanted to show you what their Happy City is:

Brent Slade

"My Happy City is a place where I can have fun and do activities with a close-knit group; somewhere with all the amenities, but a sense of community spirit. St. John's would be better with better public transit and access to bike lanes, respect to heritage but all to the future. I love the sense of community in St. John's, the heritage, cultural events, and it's just big enough without being hectic."

-Brent Slade, Gander

Tristin Norenberg

"My Happy City is vibrant, dynamic, easy to manoeuvre, and active! St. John's needs better transit (more often, rapid, and later) and more affordable housing. I love the scenery and landscape of St. John's, there's lots of green and blue, and the gardens and activities in the city."

- Tristin Norenberg, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gale Drodge

"My Happy City is clean, free from crime, and enjoyable in terms of the fresh air. St. John's would be better if we could cut down on crime. I love the weather and nature of St. John's, I was born here!

- Gale Drodge, St. John's

Amanda Bursey

"Our Happy City is friendly, green and familiar. St. John's would be better with better recycling programs. We love the parks and family friendly community events in St. John's."

- Amanda Bursey, CBS; Michael Nightingale, CBS

Jenn Nolan

"My Happy City is a place where everyone can see the harbour without large skyscrapers. St. John's would be better with a multi-purpose arts centre! I love the people and food in St. John's."

- Jenn Nolan, St. John's

Philip Pretty

"My Happy City is one with less traffic, more pedestrian friendly and less subdivisions. St. John's would be better with no more subdivisions and solutions to parking problems (ie. Public transit/bikes). I love that St. John's is an old city with lots of history and culture and old houses."

- Philip Pretty, Alberta

The Happy City staff also had a chance to speak with two very special characters! Check out what they had to say:


"My Happy City is one free of crime. St. John's would be better with more community events and entertainment. I love the scenery in St. John's!"

- Spiderman, Mount Pearl

Wreck It Ralph

"My Happy City is friendly!"

- Wreck it Ralph

The Happy City crew had the best time at this event! Thanks so much to the Friends of Victoria Park for including us in their special day. Come find the Happy City staff at our next event, we want to hear what you have to say. Tell us what your Happy City is!









Written by Kristen Niles at 07:53



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