Happy City Goes to the (Avalon) Mall!

On July 17th, Happy City spent the day at the Avalon Mall.  Summer students, Kristen and Leigha, set up shop on the first floor of the mall and enjoyed some engaging discussions with shoppers about what makes a Happy City. 

Here's what they had to say:

 "My Happy City is a clean city. St. John's would be better with more cultural and community events. I love the culture of St. John's and the small city feel."

-Any Flynn, St. John's

 "My Happy City is clean. St. John's would benefit from more parking.  I love the quantity and variety of shopping in St. John's."

-Victoria Lewis , Mount Pearl

Jon Hartley

"My Happy City is healthy and has honest people. St. John's would be better if there were more restaurants.  I love the scenery of St. John's. I love the malls, the concerts, and the people."

-Jon Hartley, St. John's

Bethany Colbourne

"My Happy City is a clean city! I love the parks and green spaces in St. John's, but the city needs to improve their sidewalks for pedestrians."

-Bethany Colbourne, St. John's

Sheila Bradbury



"My Happy City is an exciting city and a clean city. Having more happy friends and family around would make St. John's better. I love that St. John's is a wonderful, big city, and I love the people who live here."

-Sheila Bradbury, St. John's

Nakita Morgan

"My Happy City is clean and peaceful. St. John's would better with less garbage. I love the scenery of St. John's."

-Nakita Morgan

Jordon Harrington

"My Happy City is fun and energetic. St. John's would be better if there were less crime. I love everything about St. John's, including the theatres."

-Jordon Harrington

Lisa Grant

"My Happy City is somewhere without lots of garbage, where people aren't afraid of being robbed. St. John's would be a better city if it was a cleaner city. I love the colours of St. John's, the brightly coloured houses, and how welcoming and friendly everyone is."

-Lisa Grant, St. John's

Jerry Drame

"My Happy City is St. John's. St. John's would be better if it was easier to navigate. I love how nice the people are in St. John's."

Jerry Drame

Thanks to all who stopped by to chat with us. Keep your eyes open for us at upcoming community events and let us know what makes your city a Happy City. 

Written by Leigha Cann at 12:11



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