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Things are changing at Happy City, and we'd like to fill you in.

Our chair, Dave Lane, is stepping down from the Board of Directors. While we're very sad to see our founding chair step away, it's for a good reason: Dave has decided to run for an at-large seat on St. John's City Council. One of the rules we laid down for Happy City early on (and wrote into our bylaws) is that candidates for office can't sit on our board.

That rule matters to us. Happy City is, and will always be, a non-partisan organization. We'll be playing a big role in the coming election, helping bring out the issues that matter and putting a critical eye on the people running for office. One thing we won't be doing, though, is backing individual candidates - Dave included.

While we're sad to lose Dave's voice at the board table, we're also happy that the perspective he brought to the city with Happy City is going to play a part in the upcoming election. We also hope that some of the other people who've shared their ideas through Happy City make the same decision; if there's one thing we're completely sure of, it's that St. John's is full of great ideas for city-building. If you're thinking of running, but still have some questions about the whole "city politics" thing, we definitely want to hear from you - the more voices in this election, the better.

So what does this mean for Happy City? In the short term, it means that Josh Smee (currently Vice-Chair) will be stepping in as Interim Chair. The "interim" comes in because it's soon going to be time for Happy City to host its annual general meeting and elect a new board. The AGM is going to be held in late May (we'll have a date and a spot for you soon), and it'll double as a launch event for Happy City's summer engagement work.

Up to now we've been keeping things pretty informal here at Happy City, with a small board, a bigger advisory group, a mailing list, and an even bigger Facebook following. We're not about to fall in love with structure, but we do feel like it's time to formalize and expand our board and committees a bit. That's where you (our supporters) come in: we want you to run, and we want you to vote! If you're on our email list, we consider you a member of Happy City who can do both. Not on that list yet? Click here to sign up.

This is going to be a big year for Happy City, and for St. John's. Let's get the conversation going.

- The Happy City Board

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