Tuesday the 16th: Urbanist event rundown

Thanks to a few snow delays, there’s a wealth of things going on for city-minded people in St. John’s on Tuesday the 16th. Here’s a rundown!
Written by Happy City at 09:24

Ward 4 Candidate Survey Results

We sent a survey to the Ward 4 By-election candidates! Here are their responses. We'll update as more responses come in.
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Happy City Hour - Moved to February 16th!

Happy City Hour - a chance to grab a post-work drink and hang out with like-minded folks. Our February Happy City Hour will be at the venerable Georgetown Pub on Hayward Ave, 5:30-7:00 PM on the 16th.
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New business roundup

A quick look at the business comings-and-goings in St. John's.
Written by Happy City at 07:02

The 2016 Budget in Perspective

Happy City does research! Here are some comparative budget numbers from similar cities around Canada.
Written by Happy City at 06:33
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