Do you facilitate meetings or events? We want your opinion!  

Happy City St. John's is looking into whether there'd be demand for adding facilitation materials (flipcharts, markers, projectors, etc) to the St. John's Tool Library. Tell us what you think!
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St. John's Urbanist Events - September 29 to October 5

This is a big week for St. John's city-lovers! There are a ton of urbanist events happening this week; here's a breakdown of the what, when,and where.
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My Healthy Avalon: Let's talk!

The Healthy Cities Working Group with Happy City St. John’s are encouraging the Northeast Avalon to bring people together over a meal to talk about ideas for improving the health of our communities.
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Get all your election info at

We've launched a new website at that will have information on the candidates, issues, and logistics of the upcoming election.
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Connecting the dots

Our Healthy Cities working group tackles the role of active transportation in building healthy cities.
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