Participatory Budgeting: Letting Citizens Guide City Spending

Municipal budgeting can seem dry and complex, but “leaving it to the experts” is only one option. Participatory Budgeting enables citizens to directly influence city spending in a meaningful way.
Written by Josh Smee at 07:50

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Practical Solutions to Municipal Traffic Issues

With traffic issues becoming a hot topic in St. John's, Happy City has started looking into modern solutions from around the world. Check out this visual set of ideas from New York City.
Written by Happy City at 20:53

Calm Down! Taming Traffic in a Speedy St. John's

"Traffic Problems" are the talk of the town these days. Happy City has done some digging and has found that traffic issues are many. But there are also lots of solutions.
Written by Dave Lane, Alain Lusignan at 18:28
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St. John's is eliminating its Business Occupancy Tax. What does that mean?

It was announced last night at St. John's Council meeting that the City is eliminating its tax on Business owners. That doesn't mean businesses won't pay or that the City won't get that money anymore.
Written by Dave Lane at 22:26
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The Happy City Blog

As part of our efforts to communicate more frequently with you, we've begun a process of upgrading our website from the ground up.
Written by Dave Lane at 07:08

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