Public Event March 2nd! How to build communities we love

What makes a place somewhere that people want to live, work, raise families, visit, start a business, or grow old in? Dr. Katherine Loflin, self-described "City Doctor," is coming to St. John's.
Written by Happy City at 11:00
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Transportation is foundational to everything in society

Happy City recently partnered with NEA REDB to organize a dialogue session on regional public transit. The results were inspiring. Read co-facilitator Greg Knott's review of the experience.
Written by Greg Knott at 11:15

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Season's Greetings

All the best for the holidays and new year from Happy City St. John's!
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Clearing the Fog Over the Fence

With the public debate about the harbour fence continuing, a common thread has been a desire for more information. Happy City has tried to compile it here.
Written by Josh Smee at 18:00

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What to do next about the harbour fence

There's been a flurry of discussion over a proposed fence along the St. John's harbour apron. How did this happen, how could things have been different, and what can we do next?
Written by Dave Lane at 09:17

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