City Council Roundup - August 5th, 2013

All the goings-on from your council this week!
Written by Josh Smee at 12:49

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Happy City Goes to the (Avalon) Mall!

Read about Kristen and Leigha's adventures at the Avalon Mall.
Written by Leigha Cann at 12:11

Happy City at the Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Happy City checked out the Victoria Park Lantern Festival to ask the question: What is your Happy City?
Written by Kristen Niles at 07:53

City Council Round Up –July 8th and 21st, 2013

Here’s a double-header for all you council watchers out there.
Written by Happy City at 06:29

Happy City at Georgestown Neighbourhood Association Flea Market/BBQ and Tombolo Multicultural Festival

Happy City had a busy weekend last week visiting the Georgestown Neighborhood Flea Market and BBQ on July 13 and the Tombolo Multicultural Festival on July 14.
Written by Leigha at 05:56

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