Jane's Walks - St. John's Edition

St. John's first Jane's Walks are this weekend! Jane's walks are neighbourhood walks organized by local people. Join a walk to hear some stories about your city or lead a walk yourself.
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Snow Business: Survey, solutions map, and forum about sidewalk snow clearing

Head to happycity.ca/snowbusiness to engage around the state of winter walkability in St. John's
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What's on the go, Downtown West?

A ton of changes are happening on the west side of Waldegrave. This blog post highlights the changes and gets thinking about how to make the neighbourhood work.
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Our "My Happy City Is" video project needs you!

Happy City will be filming a series of videos on the theme of "My Happy City is...", and we're looking for participants.
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City Council Roundup - September 16th and 23rd

A summary of last week and a preview of this week - 2 council meetings in one neat package!
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