Smart Cities Update

In early April, Happy City St. John’s and the City of St. John’s announced a partnership to prepare a proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge. Here's an update on our involvement!
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Happy City Maps

Nolli Map of Rome

Happy City's Built Environment Committee has launched a community mapping initiative. Our first project is a map of the city's public spaces, defined broadly as any place, indoor or outdoor, you can sit, study, work, hang out, or generally loiter for $5 or less. Yes - that includes your neighbourhood coffee shop!

To view our living map visit:

To contribute to our map submit your favourite public spaces here: (submit as many times as you need to!)

You can think of this project as a spatial survey. Submitted spaces will be added to the Google Map above and may be incorporated into bigger, better mapping projects in the future. It is (probably) not a complete resource and will not be continually updated after the survey period. Thanks for your participation!

To get involved with the Committee and help plan future mapping project contact

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Access to Politics: Who gets it? Who deserves it?

Guest blogger, Dr. Amanda Bittner, discusses the ongoing conversation regarding who should be able to engage with the political process and how to enable those individuals to do so effectively.
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Jane's Walks - St. John's Edition - 2018

Happy City is St. John's City Organizer of Jane's Walks in 2018. Join us on May 4th, 5th, and 6th for a series of walks that will inform, excite, and change the way you think about your city.
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Do you facilitate meetings or events? We want your opinion!  

Happy City St. John's is looking into whether there'd be demand for adding facilitation materials (flipcharts, markers, projectors, etc) to the St. John's Tool Library. Tell us what you think!
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