As part of Happy City's mandate to inform and facilitate diagloue, we've undertaken a number of initiatives. Here is a sampling of those efforts:

Public Forums

Social Media Outreach

Community Connections

Happy City is constantly forging relationships and partnerships with other community organization, business associations, stakeholder groups, and city staff and representatives. We commonly make presentations at public meetings to provide new ideas and represent the feedback we receive through our various connection points to the public.

Summer Staff

In the summer of 2012, Happy City received funding for two student workers -- Melissa Thomas and Kira Petersson-Martin.

These two energetic individuals attended events to engage the public on behalf of Happy City (Downtown St. John's Movie Mondays; Canada Day celebrations at Confederation Building; St. John's Farmers' Market; St. John's Pride Picnic; Eastern Edge Bar-B-Q; etc.).

As well, they helped us to organize and make sense of all the input we had received to date from citizens who shared their views and ideas for our City. Documents representing this analysis will be posted on this website in the future.


Happy City took part in St. John's first "Timeraiser" event, which encouraged people to bid their time, rather than money, on local art (which was paid for at fair-market prices by corporate sponsors). We are excited to have two dedicated volunteers committed to providing dozens of hours of support to our work.

If you would also like to volunteer, we're looking for you! Please contact us to let us know.

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